Monday, April 19, 2010

I think they call dreadlocks (dreads) because you dread doing them!!

So my Husband decided to let his hair grow out, with our daughter until her 2nd birthday. He did it and has went way beyond that date! lol He has always wanted to get dreads. Its usually what alot of Jamacian people wear as a hairstyle, but has been becoming alot more popular in african amercians, and some caucasian people. So I went on the hunt to see where he could get them done at. I found what I thought was a great place to get them done, obviosly I was wrong! They gave him the twisted type of dreads, which will only work on african americans. We payed 100 plus 20 on tip, and 20 on hair products. Only to find out they fell out 2 days later and we were back at scratch!! I searched the internet for hours, and had nothing no one did white people dreads!! lol
So I decided maybe I could do it how hard could it be right? So I looked at videos for about 6 hours to get up the confidence to do it. I knew this would have to be a process. The 1st night I seperated Craig's hair into approx 1 in squares, and that took me 2 hours! I was exhausted.
For the next 8 days every night I would backbrush each dread which took probably 20 min per dread. The whole process took about 18 hours!!!! wow right :0) and the end result looks pretty cool I cant wait to see what they look like when they lock in the next 3 months.
Now thats what you call TRUE LOVE!!! haha
I dont have a picture yet but ill post one as soon as I get it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Newe Year!!!

leaving 2009 going into 2010 with the strep throat! Not to exciting huh? but I made the best of it. The night before was the worst I didnt even care about new years eve I was so sick, but the day of I felt a tad bit better and changed my mind. I was atleast going to stay up and see the ball drop. So I got all dressed up to hang out with some friends and Craig. I just didnt feel right all night but I stuck through it had a great time. We ended up going to Waffle House at 3:00 am!! lol then went home and went to sleep. Craig got up to go to work in the morning happily which is surprising, and I woke up feeling better :0) yahh so its a good new year!!

P.S. I still got my new years kiss!! we just hoped for the best!! love you baby

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life can change in the blink of an eye

I feel like Im so lost in this world right now, about a week and a half ago my life was going great. Until a bad situation happened which I wont say. Changed every aspect of my life. Its like its all a bad dream and I want it to end. Unfortunatley its not going to change its not in my control anymore. So everything in my life is getting ready to change, and Im so scared. I know I can do it though I am a strong woman. Its just going to take alot of strength. This will be the hardest thing I ever have to face in my life with my daughter. I really dont think I would be able to do it if I didnt have her! Em is my rock. I will do everything in my power to make sure that she has a good life, no matter what it takes. I think I would be in more peace if I had more answers maybe? maybe not. Who knows. I always thought our whole life was already planned out, and I knew how it was going to be for the most party until the end. Now I dont even know whats going to happen tomorrow, or a month from now. All I know is my love for my daughter is neverending and we WILL make it through this. I just hope we dont end up losing anyone in the process of all this.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Money is so overrated

I have always thought about this most of my life, but recently been thinking about it more and more. Why is everyone in this world have different money situations. Thats the best way I could think of saying it! lol but you have poor people, middle class, rich, and famous people. What makes anyone one of us different or deserve more than others? Now dont get me wrong I think Doctors, Scientists, police, and fireman deserve to make alot of money because they actually make a difference in this world. If you really want to think about it though none of them really make as much as they should. But then you have singers, actors, foot-ball, basketball players and porn stars that make millions of dollars a year, are you serious? I have always wanted to be a singer! lol but I dont have a good voice. Whats makes them any different from me you know? What gets me the worst are the athletes they get all this money for throwing a ball in a hoop ext. You have people out here struggling in there every day lives, just trying to make ends meet, then you have people that never have to worry about money in there lives and live a high class life, get to travel everywhere, and never have to worry about having enough money for there childs college education or anything. I think my point is why are some people born with some type of talent and some not? It doesn't make any since to me. What makes them any more special then more or my neighbor. All Im saying is I wouldnt even want to be a millionare or anything just to have a comfortable life where I dont have to worry about anyting financially either just like all of them.
What made me think to write this is there is a coach bag at the mall that I absolutly fell in love with but its 400 dollars which is crazy!! for a bag, but I loved it and wanted it, and knew I couldnt get it because that would be totally selfish of me for one, we definatley couldnt afford it. Also I knew I really didnt need it neways I have plenty of purses. I could find alot more useful things to buy with 400 dollars! That gets to my point again if that was a famous person 400 dollars isnt anything to them because they have 10,000 dollar bags. But to me thats a whole lot of money for 1 thing!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are there any honest people left in this world?

About 2 months ago my husband and I needed to buy a car, due to some financial problems. So we looked into a dodge stratus. It was from a private seller. We met with him for a good 2 hours, and I really trusted him. He said nothing was wrong with the car it had no oil leaks, everything worked great. Craig test drove it everything seemed to be fine. It looked like it had been kind of "pimped" out! haha but Craig absolutley fell in love with it. even though I didnt know how to drive a stick shift at the time, I went for it right along with him, since he loved it so much. We didnt have it for even 2 days and more was wrong with the car then what it was worth! Well last week I was driving and the cluth goes out right in the middle of the road. Let me tell you not having a car is horrible, I have had to bum rides for a week, and not to mention my dryer went out the previous day. So no matter how much you trust someone be super smart when buying a car because there are so many scam artists out there, that will tell you anything.
So today I went and looked at a Mazda, it seems really nice, clean engine, I just have to go back and test drive it tomorrow and see how it runs. That experience made me a wiser shopper! Dont go by just the looks they dont matter look in the inside very closely!

Monday, June 15, 2009

All I needed was some courage!

So I woke up Friday morning, expecting my husband was going to take me and our daughter to her wic appt. Considering the car we have now is a stick shift, and I didnt know how to drive it. Well he was being a complete butt, and thats a nice way of putting it! He wouldn't get out of the bed to take us, and they are booked the next month. My mother-n-law, was busy, and my mom was at work. What do I do now? Donna suggested just take the car give it as shot. So I was so angry getting into the car, I couldnt believe I was put in this predictument to drive this car all by myself. So I got in it, and drove it like a pro! haha well not a pro but I got us from point A to B. The whole way there using Emily as my encouragment, I kept saying " Emily momma has it! " So with that said I was still a little upset when I got home, but at the same time was excited I accomplished something so big in my eyes, plus I have a car to drive now! yahh
P.S. I have plenty more things to share, I am just so busy with my little one!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's never to late

I have been reading my mother-n-law's blogs for about 2 years now, and have finally decided its time to start my own. I gather up so much information from hers, and makes a big difference in my life. Even if I am having a bad day, and need something to cheer me up. Or to see whats going on in her life if we havent talked in awile. Some of her posts makes me cry, laugh, or really think about life, and the pictures she posts are always amazing! So I figured with all of my free time maybe I can make that impact on someone or just give me a chance to catch up with everyone! and maybe even give me somewhere to go and vent! but I wont try to do that too much.


I love you Donna! Thanks for always being there for me, and expecially for Craig and Emily.